David Windmill, på gjensyn

Greetings everyone

I am writing to let you know that today I am stepping down as Honorary Consul General of Norway. For the past thirteen years it has been an absolute privilege and a pleasure to represent Norway in Scotland. It is not easy to write a job specification for the role but therein lies the fascination and the challenge. You deal with anyone & anything Norwegian that comes along. In my experience there is in Scotland a considerable feeling of warmth and respect for Norway and this has made carrying out the role so much more enjoyable. Similarly Norwegians like coming here. They feel almost at home.

Working with Mona Røhne has made being Consul General so much easier. Her long diplomatic experience and knowledge has allowed us to create a presence in Scotland which is valuable to the London Embassy and very rare in the Norwegian foreign service. Mona will continue to welcome you in Rutland Square.
I am very pleased that my successor is Professor Julian Jones OBE. He looks forward to meeting and working with you in the coming years.

Lastly I would like to thank you for all the help, support and friendship that you have given me and hope that you will continue to help grow & strengthen the links between Norway and Scotland in the future.

With my thanks and very best wishes.