Tartan noir? ‘Norwegian Night’ sees light of day

Tartan noir? ‘Norwegian Night’ sees light of day

Norwegian-Night-tartan-thumbnail16 September 2013 

He knew, by streamers that shot so bright
That spirits were riding the northern light.

Walter Scott’s ‘Monk of St Mary’s aisle’ may have looked up at the ‘streamers’ of the aurora borealis and shivered with fear – summoned to recover a Mighty Book of wizardry from a lonely tomb, can you blame him?! – but he needn’t have worried at sight of a brave new night-sky tartan, one inspired by a spirit of much happier sort ‘riding the northern light’.

Though busy with his work on a production platform in the North Sea, Norwegian oil-worker and ‘happy spirit’ Richard Kvam has found time to commission a tartan he says any of his compatriots can wear, whatever the occasion. Called Norwegian Night, the new tartan – dark and vivid as a film noir still – promises to look smart and classy with a good Prince Charlie jacket, Richard’s favourite. With black for the night sky, white and yellow for the ‘streamers’ or polar light, and red, blue and white for the Norwegian flag, Richard’s tartan, already popular with his compatriots, is guaranteed to cut a dash on the dance floor.

Richard, who started his project not for commercial gain, but just for the fun of seeing his tartan come to life, says he’s amazed at the response: ‘the first 56 metre roll sold out in just 10 days’ and orders have been flowing in. So whether it’s tartan for kilt, cushion or curtain that takes your fancy, Norwegian Night, officially registered as a new fashion tartan, is available for all to enjoy. More about Richard and how to find your touch of ‘tartan noir’ here.