Warm Woodhaven welcome for Norwegian veterans

Warm Woodhaven welcome for Norwegian veterans

17 September 2015 

Woodhaven CatalinaTo honour the great number of Norwegian servicemen stationed in Scotland during WWII, a special visit was made by seven Norwegian war veterans to Scottish shores this autumn. Here they are at Woodhaven, wartime base of 333 Squadron, today a sheltered bay nestling beneath the winding streets of Wormit on the Firth of Tay. Famed for its Catalinas, or ‘flying boats’, the Squadron flew special operations deep into occupied Norway. 


Norwegian Veterans at Woodhaven (Scotland) 2015

Norwegian WWII veterans and children of Wormit Primary School at the Woodhaven Monument

Catalina Rowing

Wartime Catalina ‘flying boats’ inspire the local boat club

Norwegian veterans at Woodhaven

 Youngsters waiting to meet their Norwegian friends – time for a fly cup and delicious local shortie!

Skiffs at Woodhaven

Newly built skiffs ‘Catalina’ and ‘The Flying Boat’ nestle beneath the Norwegian flag at Woodhaven

Norwegian Monument Woodhaven

Time for a moment of reflection

Norwegian veteran at Woodhaven

A special day…

Woodhaven Scotland

Woodhaven, Scotland – forever a wee bit of Norway