Norway Day – 17th May Dinner

Norway Day Dinner 2023

Our Norwegian National Day Dinner will be held on Wednesday, 17th May at the Royal Scots Club, Edinburgh. Details, invitation and menu can be downloaded here.

Syttende mai (17th May) – What’s it all about?

Join us to celebrate the signing of the Constitution – Norges Grunnlov – which formalised the dissolution of union with Denmark, and ensured that the Kingdom of Norway, as a ‘free, independent, indivisible and inalienable Realm’ exist as a democratic state based on the rule of law and human rights.


In 2014 (the 200th anniversary) we raised a wee dram to the achievement and Scottish descent of that most famous of Eidsvoll signatories, Wilhelm Frimann Koren Christie. WFK Christie (b1778), whose statue stands in the centre of Bergen – the Hansa trading town where his Montrose ancestors settled – was Permanent Secretary to the Assembly during its deliberations on the Constitution. Quick of mind and quiet in his consideration of difficult issues raised in debate, he was lauded for his statesmanlike gravitas and courage.



Norway Day in Edinburgh


For those of you joining us for our celebratory Dinner, we look forward to seeing you! And for a day of family fun, don’t forget to join the Parade, starting 12:45 at the top of Cockburn Street – (Further details from NORSA).